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Whether you are an end user or a distributor, non-woven products have brought comfort and cleanliness to the workplace. Non woven wipes not only replace smelly rags, they are an improvement in performance. Why reuse the same dirty rag when a fresh wipe can be at your finger tips. New non woven technologies have produced superior products, that can work as hard as cloth, and never needs to be cleaned. Just dispose the soiled wipe, and pull a fresh new wiper from any variety of controlled dispensers.
There is a grade of wiper products for any application. From economy, to heavy duty, there is a product just right for your workplace. Our products are engineered to handle a wide variety of chores, oil spills, food service's surface wipes, to medical usage, from general cleaning, to specific tasks. Non woven wipes provide a safe, efficient, low cost cleaning solution for your enterprise.
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