Reinventing non woven wiping products
Welcome to Mainline Industries of NH.
We are a two year old company specializing in high quality wiping materials.

Our forte continues to be matching nonwoven fabrics to specific uses.

Whether you are in search of a highly absorbent, lintless wipe, an oil absorbent industrial towel, or a soft personal care washcloth Mainline creates wipers for every application.

We are known for consistent quality, quick turnaround and responsive customer service.

If you are interested in our private label distribution line-up, please call us at 1-(603)943-7984. If you are an end user, we welcome the opportunity to assist you in finding the product that you need to make your cleaning more productive and efficient. For those of you interested in our wide selection of products you will also have the opportunity to order free samples from this website.

While you're here, please browse our catalogue for a glimpse of some flagship products we offer to a growing number of satisfied customers.