Features: Super absorbent, fast and complete. Solvent resistant fibers strengthen and expand when wet. Lintless for critical prep work. Waste control box dispenser opening keeps wipes clean.

Sheet Size: 14" x 12" Color: Blue

Prep Wipes

The leading final wash wiper in the autobody industry. An exceptional absorption rate with a lintless texture makes Prep Wipe ™ the first choice of painters. Solvent resistant and strong.

Prep Wipes textured surface picks up contaminates and stays strong in solvents.

Dazzler polishing cloths

A professional detailing towel that won't scratch or mar paint finishes. Dazzler ™ picks up glazes and polishes for a perfect final appearance. Dazzler's ™ superior construction traps dry particles and leaves a swirl free, ultimate appearance.

Features: Super soft. Safe for all finishes.
Durable: Can be used again and again.
Lightweight: Easy to use.
Contaminate Free: New Material.
Sheet Size: 22" x 18"
Color: White


Features: A series of multi-ply laminated wipes. Scrim reinforced for maximum durability. Recommended for mechanics and fleet repair shops. Our Industrial blue color satisfies cloth and nonwoven users looking to minimize waste and cost.

Sheet Size: 13' x 13'

Color: Blue

Shop Absorber
Multi Purpose wiper

Mainline Industries introduces a high quality industrial wiping material that covers a vast ranges of applications. Unlike many other disposables, Shop Absorber ™ works great at grease and water related clean ups. A new process provides exceptional strength and softness.


An economical solution for centerfeed dispensing. A strong, automotive grade creped tissue for general shop use. Fits most existing dispensers.